Placemaking for Sustainable, Thriving Cities






Vienna, Austria

Colla­­­boration AT

AT: City of Vienna – MA 18 Urban Development and Planning / Smart City Wien Unit / University of Applied Arts Vienna – Social Design – Arts as Urban Innovation

Colla­­­­boration NL, NO, BEL

STIPO Rotterdam, City of Oslo, Nabolagshager, BIDs Belgium, Placemaking Europe 


PlaceCity – Placemaking for Sustainable, Thriving Cities

PlaceCity is an international project aiming at permanently and noticeably improving the quality of life in urban areas. Placemaking means joint, visible activities with the local neighbourhood, businesses and other local actors. Among the main topics addressed by PlaceCity are the design and upgrade of public space and plinth zones, possibilities for long-term functional and utilisation concepts as well as interim and multiple uses. In addition to the Norwegian capital Oslo, Vienna provides the second of two pilot areas.


PlaceCity Floridsdorf

The Viennese pilot area covers the central area of Floridsdorf in the 21st district. The Floridsdorf center is characterized by an active population that is already involved in numerous initiatives to develop its neighborhood. PlaceCity builds on this existing commitment and provides the impetus for new activities in the urban area, which are created through networking and new synergies.

Here you can download the booklet “Exploring Placemaking in Context” as interim result of the PlaceCity project for free.